Extra Large Bell Planter 30 L – Beige & Grey Pebbledash Effect


30 litre capacity or 34cm x 43cm wide

These modern, lightweight but strong planters are in this years trend for pebbledash and cement style containers but at a fraction of the cost and are our luxury end line. A combination of cream, brown and grey speckles the light bounces off them and they go with other planters of make a lovely trio effect at an entrance or on a patio as a feature.

These robust plastic planters are made from solid plastic and will not buckle when pressed. They have the added plus of being pre-drilled which is not only convenient but removes the risk of splitting the planter or weakening it.

It is moulded as a unit and the underside has a raised base so that water can run away rather than be sat in excess liquid reducing the risk of rotting the root system of your plants.

Other sizes are available in the range and look great as a set of three. See our product video demo over at our Facebook page.

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